The Mighty Cube from Samuel N. Bernier, FabShop

The Mighty Cube test for Zortrax M200 3D printer by Samuel N. Bernier, FabShop.


Samuel N. Bernier is an artist focused on the industrial design, product and furniture design. He is also an artistic designer of FabShop, a digital manufacturing company in France. He is famous for the customized lampshades designed and created using 3D printer. Bernier’s collection of lampshades comes in 12 types and several colors.

Currently, Samuel runs a company that serves complex service for 3D printing. He uses Zortrax M200 for recent designs such as the Mighty Cube 3D printed without using support. Samuel has described the process of designing and printing the object on his blog:

According to 3D printing giants that have monopolized 3D printing market for the last decades, an FDM machine that cost less than 10k can be used only to build cheap toys and plastic rabbits.


Le FabShop loves to show the world that you don’t need an expensive machine to do amazing things and that, even without using any support materials, the “impossible” can be made. The Mighty Cube is this kind of example. This pure, yet complex pattern was born from using the Zortrax’s awesome bridging capacity along with its ability to deposit very small amounts of plastic without clogging.

The mighty cube is a challenge for most machines we know, but not for the M200. The cube is basically built layer by layer, adding ridiculously small amounts of material at a time. The final structure is very strong, yet extremely light. A beautiful optical illusion of “moiré” is created while turning the Mighty Cube slowly in your hand. The perspective makes it impossible to see all the holes from a single face all at once.