What skills you need to learn to start a carrer in 3D printing industry?

An entire industry is emerging around 3D printing. If you’re interested in this technology and if you’re developing your career correctly, you can achieve a lot in the field of 3D printing. Companies which use 3D printing at various stages and those which are focused strictly on 3D printing are waiting for experts. Specific skills are needed everywhere. See, if you can make the cut and be a 3D printing expert.

Soft and interpersonal skills

Whatever your job title, you will need logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Another important aspect is entrepreneurship, if you want to join a start-up. In many companies, sales-related skills are also important, not only for salespeople, but also in the manufacturing process. After all, you need to be able to sell your boss on your idea. These are general characteristics, but desirable in as rapidly developing a field as 3D printing.

3D printing experts – engineering

If you want to focus strictly on 3D printing, operate printers, service them and work on finished print-outs, your goal should be a degree in a technical field, such as mechanics. Engineers are mainly indispensable in production processes. One of the most commons applications of 3D printers is prototyping, and this is where technical experts are needed the most. 3D printing technology is worth knowing, as are the types o materials used.

Operating 3D software – designing

The widespread use of 3D printing opens up completely new avenues in the field of design. It’s a new solution for artists and designers. This also means new jobs for people with such skills. Companies dealing with 3D printing are searching for 3D graphic artists who know how to create ready-for-print models. There is a demand for people who will transform the actual object into a 3D model for printing and those who will design new objects from scratch to be 3D-printed. 3D printing lets designers test their ideas with more ease, but they need know-how on using the advanced software.

Patent laws

The popularity of 3D printing poses a challenge for lawyers. Technology start-ups creating new products ought to find knowledgeable legal practitioners who will protect their intellectual property. On the other hand, the widespread use of 3D printing brings about an ease of copying somebody else’s work. Lawyers who want to work in this field, have to deepen their knowledge with additional technical information.

A broad career as befits your tastes and skills

In the field of 3D printing almost anyone can find a place for themselves. It all depends on the skills you’ve acquired and you innate predispositions. Teachers with a knack for new technologies are needed in high schools and at the university level to educate students in 3D technology. Engineers who will develop new technologies are also indispensable, as are designers, including artists who create prototypes and projects with the use of 3D printers, salespeople, who will monetize these solutions, and lawyers, who will take care of patents. The 3D industry is encompassing more and more professions. It’s worth taking a closer look at it and at 3D printing technology itself.