Royal Mail & iMakr Use Zortrax M200 to Deliver In-Store 3D Printing

iMakr, one of Zortrax biggest resellers, launches 3D printing trial together with Royal Mail. Models will be printed mostly on Zortrax M200.


From now until January at the New Cavendish Street delivery office in London, users will have chance to pick up digital models ordered from MyMiniFactory and Most of them will be 3D printed on Zortrax M200.

Users can also 3D print their own projects and pick up purchased item from iMakr store. If the pilot indicates interest, the program will be expanded over other Royal Mail locations.

Partners want to drive customers interest to 3D printing technology. Mike Newnham, Chief Customer Officer of Royal Mail said: “3D printing is an emerging technology that has many applications and offers an innovative way to create unique or personalized objects.  It can be prohibitively expensive for consumers or small businesses to invest in a 3D printer, so we are launching a pilot to gauge interest in 3D printing to sit alongside Royal Mail’s e-commerce and delivery capability.”

Romain Kidd, CEO of the iMakr Group, said: “iMakr is excited to bring to Royal Mail its expertise in 3D printing by offering customers an introduction to 3D printing through one of its Central London delivery offices and a selection of objects from Royal Mail customers will find unique objects created by the best community of designers for 3D printing, a market in rapid development for which is delivering the key 3D printable content and products like MyMiniFactory TV.”