Robolifeguard – the Drone that Saves Castaways

AeroAtena, a Polish team of engineers, participated in the Drones for Good contest representing the international category and reached semi-finals with their Robolifeguard.


While drones are gaining more interest from consumer market, professionals seems to be rather focused on lifesaving applications. We all know someone, who has a drone and uses it for taking photos, making videos or simply for entertainment. Let’s assume for a moment that drones can fly autonomously and we have enough resources to invest, let’s say, a $1M in its development. Just like UAE government did concluding “Drones for Good” competition.


The competition was organized to promote the applications of drone technology for use in everyday life. AeroAtena, the Polish team of engineers, represented international category of the contest and made it to semi-finals with their Robolifeguard. The Robolifeguard is a drone created to save people stranded at sea or washed overboard. The device would land on the water and survivors would than hang on the buoyant drone via special handles. AeroAtena didn’t make it to the finals, luckily turned out that the UAEU (United Arab Emirates University) is interested in the further development of the drone.



AeroAten team 3D printed prototypes of their device on Zortrax M200 3D printer, with help of our designer, who also re-designed some of its elements. Prototypes were 3D printed with durable Z-ULTRAT and translucent Z-GLASS. Models were printed in-parts, tested and glued. AeroAtena submitted their prototype as their entry for the competition.

While Robolifeguard reached the semi-finals of the Dubai competition, its creators start to cooperate with the UAEU on further development.