Pushing 3D Printing Forward at Formnext Trade Show

Once again, on Nov 14-17, we’re going to Formnext! Premieres you can’t miss and special offers will be waiting for you at stand 3.1-D88 in Frankfurt Messe, one of the largest exhibition grounds in the world. We want you to be there with us.

Leading the Pack

As one of the leading manufacturers in the 3D printing industry, we have made the already big event a little bit bigger. Premiers aside, an opportunity to learn more about Zortrax Inventure and hands-on experience with all products in our range are just a few among many things we have in store for you. As always, expect the best coffee at the exhibition. But there’s even more to Formnext than that.

A Glimpse of Tomorrow

Being one of the most frequented conferences in the business, the event has lots to offer. You’ll be able to attend keynotes delivered by Terry Wohlers, the president of Wohlers Associates Inc., one of the most recognizable consulting companies out there, and Christoph van den Eertwegh, Commercial Head of Business Support at Siemens Mobility Services. The former will be talking about the 3D-printing future. The latter about the 3D-printing present.Further sessions will be there to cover how additive manufacturing can influence space travel and how 3D printed solutions have improved Ariane 6 rockets. Then there will be something for those interested in 3D printing aerospace grade materials like aluminum and titanium. Many other areas will get as thorough coverage as possible. If your’e really passionate about anything 3D, at Formnext you’re sure to find an expert to talk you through the ins and outs of it thoroughly.

Running the Show

The main focus, however, will be on Fused Deposition Manufacturing and this is precisely where we shine. Most of the modern 3D printing industry use this technology, so it will take a central place in panel discussions, poster sessions and most importantly, among various exhibitors. Drop in to see how we are shaping it layer by layer. Register to get your free day ticket to Formnext, and see you in Frankfurt!