Order FREE 3D Printed Samples

From today you can order free samples of chosen 3D prints! They are available to get at Zortrax websites (Zortrax.com – 3D Printer bookmark, Zortrax.pl – Product bookmark). We’ve decided to introduce such solution especially for you to check the quality of 3D printing with Zortrax. Samples were designed to perfectly capture the mechanical properties of the prints.


Free Sample Set includes:

BOX – check precisely mapped dimensions, perfectly matching parts. Z-ABS material is suitable for printing mechanical elements which work together within a single mechanism.

KEYCHAIN – to check flexibility and durability of Z-ABS and 3D printing with Zortrax M-200.


Check Zortrax 3D prints quality, get free samples and verify their strength, flexibility and precisely mapped dimensions.


Free Sample Set is available to order online only. We don’t execute orders placed by e-mail. We don’t print to order. We are not responsible for delays or mis-shipments made by the post office.

All you need to do is fill out the online form.