“Ocean” – 3Dprinted Glasses

Fashion is a dynamically developing industry and not only due to trends changing each and every season. It’s also highly demanding as new ideas have to be tested and incorporated rapidly to gain leverage over competition. 3D printing can give you advantage of time in prototyping and improving designs. The Ocean glasses designed by Oceane Delain from Le FabShop studio are a proof that 3D printing improves the process of prototyping fashion accessories without limiting the creativity. Although the le FabShop’s team admits that designing and 3D printing optical frames is usually a challenge, Zortrax M200 managed the task spectacularly. The glasses were 3D printed with integrated hinges in Z-ABS. Its properties, i.e. durability and medium elasticity, made it perfect for prototyping and testing the frames. The designer chose Z-ABS in blue to give the glasses the extra modern feel.