The Next Big Year for 3D Printing with Zortrax – 2016

This time literally. In this article we want to make a quick run through the best models from 2016. Thanks to the new greater capacity of M300 and the fact that we wanted to keep it real, most of the presented models were great not only because of their looks but also when it comes to their size.

Resize and Reshape

Rough and ready for the new challenges, having gained some speed and experience we decided to create something big. Not only to satisfy the taste of our neighbors from across the ocean, but to deliver new quality in XXL size. Having the right tool and the team of designers ready to put their hands on it we went to our workshop and started doing. Being aware of the popularity of our villainesque character, we decided to give him the full body, so he could actually stand out during various trade fairs he was featuring.

ZORTRAX M300 Stand Superhero Zortrax stand with Zortrax M300 3D printers and Superhero

Yet another model comparable to the superhero concerning its size was the motorcycle. A bit more down to ground than the mystic character, but still impressive when it comes to the overall effect. Redesigned and carefully post-processed could as well be presented as an end use product of any of the well known motorcycle brands.

ZORTRAX M300 3D Printed Motorcycle Superhero Zortrax Motorcycle and Superhero

No doubt two of our big beauties are pure pleasure to look at. Some malicious would say that great look and wisdom do not go hand in hand, but we had a clue for matching functionality with high quality of manufacturing. And yes, we really like to steal the show.

ZORTRAX M300 3D Printing Motorcycle Superhero Zortrax technological stand

Staying within big issues, the superhero was not the only one you could give a high five to. Also the modular arm was the object that thanks to its scale and precision attracted a lot of attention during the trade fairs.

ZORTRAX M300 M200 3D Printers Robot Arm Robot Arm and Zortrax M300 3D printers

Small but Smart

This time we don’t give you any numbers or figures, just a chance to look at our company through the perspective of the models. As we’ve already mentioned the large sized prints, we cannot neglect the ones that stand in the clear opposition to them. They are even more impressive when we consider the level of detail and the similarity to the real objects they reflect.

ZORTRAX Dubai Railway Station Model 3D printed model of Dubai railway station

Because We CAN

That’s why we make and try to help to those in need. Due to the great possibilities given by our devices, materials and the whole fact that the Zortrax Ecosystem makes the process of 3D printing so fluid, we could help the innovations go live. Models of the artificial heart or the first medical winch were the ones we take our pride in. However, apart from the life saving devices we had a chance to see also special 3D printed toys or robots who comfort the youngest patients and make the suffering a bit lesser. Hoping to make some new breakthrough inventions next year!

Who Run the 3D World?

Gears! We don’t forget about our evergreens that we eagerly share with everyone who wants to grab a piece of our printers’ work. It’s our basic stuff, which doesn’t evoke such strong emotions, but for those who want to see them work as the element of a bigger whole, we prepared models like gear and clock. As these little pieces determine if the particular apparatus or device will work properly, it is essential for them to be dimensionally accurate and match each other well. And of course they are, so we can design and construct prototypes that are both well matched and fully functional, not to mention their resistance to chemicals, UV light, temperature or others.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed Gearing Speaker 3D printed gearing mechanism and speaker

The Precious Part

On behalf of our talented users aka contributors to our blog and Library we want to boast a little as this year was rich with nice models. W are really glad that the users agreed to share their stories with us and that we could capture their knowledge and skills in various fields. Fashion, scale models, jewelry, art and even prostheses – see it all on our Zortrax blog and get inspired!