New Upgraded Zortrax M Plus Series 3D Printers Have Arrived

We are proud to announce that our M200 Plus and M300 Plus 3D printers have been significantly improved. Those upgraded machines’ hardware comes with several new features. Below you can find all the changes covered in detail.

Better Endstop Sensors

In the new generation of M Plus Series 3D printers, optical endstops has replaced the mechanical ones used for the X/Y axes.. This solution has already proven its reliability in our top-of-the-line M300 Dual LPD Plus 3D printer. That’s why we have opted for implementing it in our single-extrusion printers as well.

Improved Communications

Another area where we have made things better is the printer’s interaction with a user. Apart from displaying messages on the touchscreen, the upgraded M Series Plus machines can now communicate with sound signals. A buzzer beeps when immediate user action is needed. For example, a sound signal is emitted when the hotend has reached the appropriate temperature and the filament needs to be loaded.

Blackout Response System

Perhaps the most advanced feature that has trickled down from the M300 Dual is the Blackout Response System. The improved M Plus Series 3D printers come with a built-in capacitor that at all times store enough energy to keep the printer going until the printing progress is saved. This way, power outages do not cause failed prints anymore. The printer can resume its work exactly from where it has stopped, once the power is back on.

Please, keep in mind that these upgrades are available in the newly produced Zortrax M Series Plus units. You can purchase the 3D printers with v2 hardware version at your local Reseller’s or in our Official Zortrax Store. Enabling these features requires upgrading the firmware to the newest, 2.3.0 version.