New 3D Printer with a Large Build Volume and Wi-Fi Connectivity

  • Zortrax M300 Plus 3D printer has one of the largest build volumes among all Plug & Play devices
  • The additions of a Wi-Fi module and an Ethernet port allow the creation of 3D printing farms.
  • The filament endstop mechanism protects your production line from failed prints

Zortrax M300 Plus is Zortrax’s new large build volume Wi-Fi 3D printer working in LPD (FFF) technology, an original take on Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). It is a perfect technique of 3D printing for rapid prototyping and manufacturing without putting extensive strains on the budget. The M300 Plus is based on the renowned and reliable M series of Zortrax 3D printers with new features added to enable effortless operation of multiple devices and to expand its material offer.

Stay Connected

The original M300 has one of the biggest workspaces among all Plug & Play devices. Measuring precisely 300x300x300 mm, it allows manufacturing big models in one go. Facts Zortrax M300 Plus’ workspace measures 300x300x300 mm. The printer is equipped with a Wi-Fi module and Ethernet port. Wireless connectivity allows the creation of 3D printing farms. Adding the feature of wireless connectivity to Zortrax M300 Plus supports the assembly of a network of 3D printers to speed up your manufacturing process even further. With multiple large volume 3D printers connected over Wi-Fi you won’t need to slice up bigger models. Instead you can use the extra manufacturing power to create many copies to start mass production. The printer is actually equipped with a Wi-Fi module and an Ethernet port which allows the device to be connected using either of the two methods.

ZORTRAX M300 PlusA 3D printing farm is also effective when it comes to sheer convenience. A network of 3D printers capable of producing large models without the need of slicing can be operated by just a single person who can easily upkeep the equipment, clean the chambers and change the filaments without the need for extensive training. Thus, maintenance is more streamlined and requires less oversight. Ultimately, a network like this is a huge boost to the production process in terms of time-efficiency, manufacturing output and personnel management.

Big Changes

The idea to make the printer more effective and universal has led us to improving the M300 Plus on both hardware and firmware fronts. Facts The geometry of the filament drive mechanism has been redesigned. An additional cooling fan offers better retraction of the material. The new GUI features a 720×480 high density and high brightness display. In order to increase the offer of dedicated Zortrax materials we have made significant changes in the extruder and hotend design. The extrusion’s efficiency has been improved by redesigning the geometry of the filament drive mechanism. The material is now protected from folding around the extruder’s cogwheel, which will reduce the risk of it getting stuck to bare minimum. The M300 Plus is equipped with an additional centrifugal fan to improve heat dissipation generated in the XY block where the upper part of the upgraded Hotend V3 is attached. We have also added an additional cooling fan pointed at the model being 3D printed for better retraction. These upgrades to the extruder and hotend allowed us to include more experimental materials in our offer, such as flex-type filaments. Flex materials enable the production of elastic models and prototypes which can conform to deformation and return to their original shape afterwards.

ZORTRAX M300 Plus 3D printed big modelOne of the most noticeable upgrades is the addition of the touchscreen. The new GUI features a 720×480 high density and high brightness display allows users to control the desktop 3D printer more intuitively which enhances overall user experience. These changes wouldn’t be possible without the new hardware specifications which consist of an industrial grade, quad-core processor and 2 gigabytes of on-board RAM.

Automation and remote control

The M300 Plus is now even more reliable thanks to the filament endstop mechanism, which significantly reduces the number of failed prints. Facts The filament endstop mechanism keeps track of the amount of material left for 3D printing. An integrated camera inside the printing chamber allows users to monitor the workstation. Z-SUITE slicer application allows complete remote control of the 3D printing process. Thanks to it, the device is now more autonomous and capable of keeping track of various mistakes such as miscalculated material amount which normally could have caused a complete 3D printing failure. Now users are notified when there is no more material left for printing, which greatly minimizes waste. This notification will be displayed on the Z-SUITE control panel, a key component of Zortrax Ecosystem.

Z-SUITE is a slicer application that can start, analyze, pause, resume and stop the printing process remotely. Due to the aforementioned Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, one ZCODEX file can be easily uploaded to multiple 3D printers from one computer. The entire manufacturing process can then be monitored remotely thanks to an integrated camera inside the printing chamber, which allows the user to keep tabs on the workstation and making sure issues like warping or shrinkage do not occur. The files created in Z-SUITE can also be copied to any USB storage device and uploaded directly using the M300 Plus menu.

ZORTRAX M300 Plus Big 3D PrinterThanks to years of constant improvement, Zortrax M300 Plus has achieved its goal of being an accessible, efficient and intuitive 3D printing device for both professional and inexperienced users alike.

Zortrax M300 Plus Main Features:

  • Large build volume (300x300x300 mm)
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity
  • 3D printing farms ready
  • Advanced remote management
  • Filament endstop mechanism
  • Built-in camera
  • Intuitive LCD touchscreen
  • Improved axes geometry
  • Upgraded cooling system (double fan and extruder cooling)
  • Upgraded extruder (redesigned hotend v3 and nozzle with new geometry)
  • Compatible with flex-type materials
  • Compatible with Z-ULTRAT
  • Wide range of dedicated filaments
  • External materials are applicable