Major Firmware Updates and Registration of Zortrax Devices

Firmware versions 2.3.0 for M Plus Series, M300 Dual, and Inkspire 3D printers, and 1.6.0 for the Apoller post-processing device, have just been released, are ready for download, and come with major improvements to the way our devices work, and to their capabilities. This major release is also the last milestone we have reached before moving to the Zortrax ID, which will become a new, simplified system for registering, updating, and managing Zortrax products.

What’s New in the M Plus Series and M300 Dual

With the 2.3.0 firmware update, the M Series Plus and M300 Dual 3D printers receive improved fan control, which will make their operation quieter and even more efficient. We have also added an option to switch off the buzzer in the recently introduced M Plus Series machines with upgraded hardware.

Another area where we have made improvements is the way Blackout Response System works. Designed to prevent failed prints when a power outage is detected, the BRS now includes a feature that prevents warping during short power outages. If the power is back on before the build platform has cooled down below 80% of its nominal temperature, the system will heat it back up automatically.

The most important change, though, is a newly added option to register the device with the newly-launched Zortrax ID, which will be necessary to download and install all future firmware updates. The same registration option along with stability improvements have been also introduced to Zortrax Inkspire.

What’s New in the Zortrax Apoller

Firmware 1.6.0 brings major improvements and new functionalities to the Apoller. We have added an option to run detailed diagnostics. After choosing the “Device test” option in the “Tools” menu, the Apoller will run a series of tests checking all its crucial systems like heating, airtightness, and cooling. What’s more, all gathered diagnostics data is now saved in logs that can be accessed when necessary.

Other improvements include better graphics and responsiveness of the touch interface. We have also added a notification popping up on the touchscreen asking the user to tighten the cap of the solvent tank when it’s needed, fixed an issue with the service menu scrolling too fast, and improved the process of changing the MAC address.

As with the 3D printers, the most important thing here is an option to register the Apoller with the Zortrax ID. Again, registration will be required to download future firmware updates. Registration, however, is not necessary if the user wishes to downgrade to older firmware versions.

Introducing the Zortrax ID System

Firmware updates covered above, mark the introduction of the Zortrax ID system. Zortrax ID is an integrated service we have built to make managing our products easier, more intuitive, and more accessible. After a simple registration process, users will get access to a dashboard allowing them to monitor, update, and control their Zortrax devices from one place. Zortrax ID is constantly being improved, and new features will be added over time. For now, we are using it to enable quick device registration.

How Registration Works and What It’s For

Registering your Zortrax device enables you to download and install the latest authorized firmware, which guarantees the safe and reliable operation of our products. The registration process is simple and can be done in five simple steps:

Step 1: Start with going and log in with your Zortrax ID, or create it if you don’t have it.

Step 2: Choose your device and fill in the form.

Step 3: Receive your PIN code.

Step 4: Enter the PIN-code on the device’s touchscreen.

Step 5: Your device has been registered and you get access to the latest updates.

Registering purchased devices is a common practice, especially when it comes to more industrial-oriented equipment. It is necessary to get access to future improvements and firmware updates. It also enables us to identify and react to any upcoming issues sooner to improve the overall efficiency, stability, and safety of our products. Knowing the user experience better, we can also build tailored manuals and maintenance guides, that you can then find in our Support Center. With this new system, we will be able to analyze various scenarios in which Zortrax machines operate, and as a result, make our products even better.

Here you can find a step by step manual on how to register your Zortrax device with Zortrax ID.