Zortrax M200 vs. M200 Plus: Why it is Worth it to Upgrade your 3D Printing Equipment

Zortrax M200 premiered back in 2014 as the first 3D printer of the Zortrax M Series devices. It quickly gained much acclaim among 3D printing enthusiasts and became our flagship device, allowing us to take the place of one of the key players on the market. But since then, a lot has changed in the 3D printing realm and so has the Zortrax product offer. Today, let’s get to know the most important features of the Zortrax M200 Plus — a 3D printer which is a more technologically advanced version of the well-known Zortrax M200.

Improved 3D Printing Experience

Following the international success, the M200 was recognized as the best and most reliable 3D printer by the world’s biggest 3D printing-related media. With the immensely positive feedback, our next step was to enrich the reliable M200 model with more contemporary features.

That’s why, in 2018, we launched the M200 Plus, a modernized version of the M200, which features a great number of hardware and software improvements in its design, enabling even more ease of use, dependability and high-value functionalities.

Wider Choice of Supported Filaments

Both models support a single-extrusion mode and work in the Layer Plastic Deposition technology which involves applying one layer of a melted filament on another in order to form a predesigned shape. Also, both 3D printers facilitate producing detailed models in a wide range of resolutions with high dimensional accuracy, which is extremely important while creating objects assembled from several parts. However, the M200 Plus has a redesigned extruder with improved filament feeding, which makes the printer compatible with more demanding filament, such as the ones based on TPU or nylon.

One extruder fan cooler wasn’t enough, so we designed the extruder in the M200 Plus to have three coolers. A significant difference you may notice in the M200 Plus is a new, radial fan cooling the extruder block during 3D printing, which minimizes the failure rate of your prints. There are also two other fans cooling the print, which visibly improves the quality of models with minute details and thin walls.

Reliable 3D Printing

A perforated plate, initially designed for the M200, prevents warping and is great for printing sizable models. In the M200 Plus, you can use a glass plate as well. If you want to print faster or achieve a super smooth first layer, you can easily change the plate from the perforated to the glass one. We highly recommend using a glass plate when 3D printing without the raft.

Another technical improvement relating to the reduction of failure rate is a material endstop. The machine has a special mechanism installed on the frame at the back, which pauses the printing process once the filament runs out. Once you replace the spool, you can resume the printing from the same spot. Additionally, resuming the work is also possible after a power outage. Thanks to the blackout response system the printer can detect power cuts and save the printing progress.

More Workflow Efficiency

Another big change in the M200 Plus design you can surely notice is the screen. We replaced the OLED display with a knob you know from the M200 model with a 4” 800×480 px touchscreen which makes your work faster and more efficient.

The M200 Plus relies on an Android operating system, which allows you to organize your files and your work in an even more efficient way.

SD cards are so 2015! The M200 Plus comes with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB connectivity. There’s no need to go back forth to your printer during your work anymore. You can transfer your 3D models between your computer and the printer with no hassle.

And it applies to supervising your prints, too! The M200 Plus has a camera installed in its frame. You can display a preview from the came in Z-SUITE at any time you want.

And to make it even more easier, you can start, pause, and stop the printing process, as well as organize your files via Zortrax inCloud, an intuitive cloud-based platform that helps you take care of your 3D printing projects.

You can order the Zortrax M200 Plus 3D printer directly at Zortrax Store or at the Official Reseller in your area.