Legacy Support Option and Improved Printing Quality in the Z-SUITE 2.6.1

  • Z-SUITE 2.6.1 solves issues with models' adhesion to the platform on Zortrax M200 Plus 3D printers.
  • Legacy Support feature has been added to generate supports in a manner known from Z-SUITE 1 and overall slicing performance has been improved.
  • Prints can be remotely paused from the My Devices panel and .zcode or .zcodex files can be replicated to quickly place them in the same working space.

In response to the needs of our community, we have prepared a new software update available for all Zortrax 3D printers. Z-SUITE 2.6.1 includes several new options and resolves a few problems with the printing quality and program’s performance. Read on to learn more details. 

Replicating .zcode(x) Files

The main purpose of working in Z-SUITE is to create a .zcode or .zcodex. This file format contains a model prepared for 3D printing with previously selected print settings, such as Facts .zcode and .zcodex files can be replicated. Each copy will have the same printing settings as the original, position of seam and supports included. Replicated files can be placed in the same workspace and 3D printed in one go. layer thickness, infill type or the position of supports. We know that while working with multiple models at once, adjusting the print settings for each model is a burdensome task. That’s why, we’ve introduced a new option which allows you to create several copies of the already prepared .zcode or .zcodex and place them in the workspace as one file. Each copy will have the same print settings, including the position of seam and supports. This option is especially helpful while using the Editable support tool, as you don’t have to work with each model separately.ZORTRAX Z-SUITE UPDATE 2.6.1Plus, Z-SUITE will automatically arrange the models on the platform and won’t allow more copies than it is possible to place in the workspace. This option is a great time-saver and convenience while going into small-scale production of 3D printed models.

Legacy Support

Apart from the automatic and editable supports, you can now use the Legacy support option which generates support structures in the same way Z-SUITE 1 does. Facts  Legacy Support generates supports like Z-SUITE 1.  Supports are generated during slicing.  Legacy Support is for advanced users. With this option, the support structures are  automatically generated while the program slices the model, after you have selected the print settings like material type and layer thickness. The preview of supports will be displayed after slicing, unlike in the standard support types from Z-SUITE 2.ZORTRAX Z-SUITE UPDATE 2.6.1However, the Legacy support option is meant for advanced users as you have to precisely set the support angle to be sure that all parts of the model  that need to be supported don’t fall down during the 3D printing process.  

Interface Improvements

 We’ve improved the interface of Z-SUITE 2.6.1 to deliver the best user experience. The Selected Objects tool introduces a new tab which displays the actual x, y, z dimensions of the model and its overall volume.Facts Selected Objects shows model’s x, y, z dimensions and its overall volume in a tab. A click on the tool icon or pressing ESC closes a currently open toolbox. Pause button in My Devices panel pauses 3D printing. This information will help you keep track of changes you make while resizing the model. Also, it is now possible to close a particular tool box in the program. If your model is partially covered by a tool box you’re currently working in, click again on the tool icon on the left menu bar or press ESC.ZORTRAX Z-SUITE UPDATE 2.6.1Moreover, we’ve added the Pause option to the My Devices panel. You can now temporarily stop the printing process at any point directly from your computer and change the material in your device.  

Quality and Slicing Upgraded

Lastly, the Z-SUITE 2.6.1 update solves a few problems that have surfaced in our community feedback and in-house tests. Because some users of the Zortrax M200 Plus 3D printer encountered the problemFacts  Issues with bed adhesion and warping on Zortrax M200 Plus have been solved.  Overall 3D printing quality has been improved.  Slicing works much faster. of warping, our main focus was to improve models’ adhesion to the platform while 3D printing and their overall quality. Our next goal was to optimize the program’s performance and shorten the time needed to process a  model. Now, the slicer works much faster when dealing with both simple and complex models. Still, further optimization is a matter of a high importance to us and we will keep working on it while preparing future updates. 

As always, the Z-SUITE update is available for download at the Support Center in the Downloads section and through the auto-updater in the program. Should you have any suggestions concerning the update, feel free contact us or report an issue using the Report a bug option in the Help section.

See the full changelog: 

  • Improves overall printing quality for the following materials: Z-ABS, Z-GLASS, Z-HIPS, Z-PETG, Z-PLA Pro, Z-ULTRAT (Zortrax M200 Plus); Z-PETG, Z-ULTRAT Plus (Zortrax Inventure),
  • Introduces the Replicate .zcode/.zcodex tool, which allows you to create several copies of a generated .zcode/.zcodex file and place them in the workspace as one file,
  • Introduces the Legacy support option, which generates the support structures in the Preview step after you choose its parameters in the Print Settings step. This type of support is the same as in Z-SUITE v1,
  • Improves the overall slicing performance of the program,
  • Improves the Selected objects tool by adding tabs that display information about the actual size and volume of the model,
  • Adds the Pause option to the My Devices panel and progress bars in the 3D Printer Files section in Z-SUITE,
  • In the Print Settings step for Inventure, Z-SUITE now informs you which support material to use,
  • It is now possible to close a particular tool box to hide it from the workspace,
  • Fixes problems with Z-SUITE performance on Mac OSX El Capitan.