Holiday Season with Zortrax M200

We have some great news before Christmas! We’ve sent 30 printers to our Kickstarter Backers. Additionally, we’ve been working on our printers through the whole time, even before shipping we’ve made a few modifications and now we can be sure that everything is in working order.


Your orders from the Zortrax Store will be dispatched after we finish shipping to our Kickstarter Backers. Our goal is to ship all of the printers before Christmas.

Now, we’re working on software and firmware updates. We want to make the process of installing and printing with Zortrax M200 as simple as possible. Z-Suite and Z-Firmware files will be published along with PDF User Manuals.

The interesting news is that we’re testing new materials at the PrintLab such as: PLA, Nylon, PC, PVC, PTE and Laywood.

Delivery and Unpacking

After receiving your package, please download all files from the link below:

If you receive your printer and some of the links are unavailable – please let us know at We’re constantly working on upgrades and it’s possible that the newest version of firmware or software is not available at this very moment. We want to support you – let us know what you need and we’ll send all the necessary files directly so you can start working with the printer.

Quick Start Guide

Open the Quick Start Guide and follow the steps. Any problems? Contact us at


Save the file onto SD Card (included in the set). Put the SD Card into Zortrax M200 – the firmware will be installed/updated automatically. If the link on is still unavailable – please let us know at

Z-Suite Software

Install Z-Suite software on your computer. Learn more on how to prepare your models to printing in a few simple steps from the Z-Suite. If you receive your printer and some of the links on are unavailable – please let us know at

Gradually, we will be posting updates on our website with tutorials, advanced manuals and other support information. Don’t hesitate to share your problems and concerns with us, so that we can solve them.

We’d love to get your feedback – first impressions, questions, notes after receiving your printer. Please contact us!

We’ve received the first movie where you can see the printer in action! (one of our Backers published it on YT). Thanks a million, Uwe!

Thank you,
Zortrax Team