Zortrax 3D Printers Now Support External Materials

Zortrax presents the newest version of the original Z-SUITE software. From now on, Z-SUITE is supporting external printing material profiles. This feature will give users of Zortrax M200 and Zortrax M300 3D printers freedom in experimenting with materials outside of the Zortrax Ecosystem.

Thus far, users of Zortrax M200 and Zortrax M300 3D printers were limited to the original printing materials provided by the company. An integrated 3D printing environment consisting of high-end solutions (3D printers, Z-SUITE software and printing materials) is one of the factors guaranteeing hardware reliability and the highest quality and repeatability of models. This environment is enough for most of the users, as it provides for the most common 3D printing applications. Nevertheless, creative communities have been asking for the option to experiment with materials outside of the Zortrax range.

Intuitive Software

ZORTRAX 3D Printing External Filaments

Spools of 3D printing materials

Z-SUITE allows users to easily and intuitively change the 3D printing settings. Infill level, model splicing, size control and printing speed can all be modified using the software. Furthermore, Z-SUITE has separate settings related to the selected printing material. This is very important, because 3D printer uses provided information to adjust the operating temperature correlating it with the material properties to ensure the top printing quality.

We have received signals from users who wanted to experiment with the external printing materials not included in our current material range. The newest software update is a response to those signals. Please keep in mind, only way to ensure the top quality and hardware reliability of our solutions is by using Zortrax materials”, says Zortrax CEO, Rafał Tomasiak.

Zortrax Printing Materials Range

  • Z-ABS for printing concept models, mock-ups, gadgets and figurines. Available in 11 colours.
  • Z-PCABS is extremely durable and resistant to high temperatures. Best used for printing items such as casings, moving parts or structural elements. Available in ivory colour.
  • Z-PETG provides models with a shiny surface immune to damage caused by mechanical factors, time and light. It is also highly resistant to salts, acids, bases and solvents. Available in grey and black.
  • Z-ULTRAT is an original Zortrax polymer with increased resistance to external factors and easy mechanical post-processing. Available in 22 colours.
  • Z-GLASS is a light-transmitting material suited for printing items with transparent surfaces imitating glass or plastic.
  • Z-HIPS considerably reduces the risk of deformation and the time required for post-processing. Its unique structure absorbs light and reduces visible imperfections. Available in 7 colours.
  • Z-ESD is resistant to electrostatic discharge, making it perfect for printing objects such as electronics casings. Available in black.

In response to the market and consumer expectations, Zortrax R&D department is constantly working on broadening the range of printing materials. Download the Z-SUITE 1.10 version at Zortrax Support Center.