Warranty Card Updated – External Materials Changes

Due to the introduction of the ability to use external materials in Zortrax products, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with an extensive Q&A article. The Q&A contains not only the most important information concerning the warranty changes resulting from this option, but also explains doubts that may occur when dealing with the external materials.

1. Do you still provide your products with the warranty once the external materials option has been introduced?
Yes, the warranty is still valid.

2. Has the warranty card been changed? If so, which warranty terms have you altered?
Yes, we have adapted the warranty card to the new conditions in favour of our clients. We have removed the information about restrictions concerning application of external materials in Zortrax 3D printers.

3. When exactly did the new warranty terms come into effect?
On 24.04.2017, which is the official date of introduction of the possibility to use external materials.

4. Which users are provided with the new warranty terms?
The new warranty terms refer to users who hold a valid warranty and began to use the “External Materials” option, as well as to users outside the European Union, whose printers are not covered with a free Zortrax warranty, but their devices appeared to be faulty during the period of the first use (100 hours for Zortrax M200 and 200 hours for Zortrax M300).

5. Does the warranty apply retroactively and refer to the clients who bought the printer before the possibility to use external materials has been introduced?
The change in the warranty card refers to all devices that are still in the warranty period and to defects that will occur after 24.04.2017.

6. Do the new warranty terms concerning the application of external materials refer to the period of the first use (100 hours for Zortrax M200 and 200 hours for Zortrax M300)?
Yes, the new warranty terms provide protection for Zortrax products during the period of the first use. However, we recommend to use dedicated Zortrax materials to make an objective assessment.

7. Can I use external materials during the period of the first use (100 hours for Zortrax M200 and 200 hours for Zortrax M300)?
Yes, but we recommend to use dedicated Zortrax materials.

8. Are Z-ABS and Z-ULTRAT treated as external materials when used on Zortrax M300?
These materials are dedicated for the M Series printers and they will be still treated in this way.

9. Is the warranty still valid when Zortrax materials not dedicated for M300 are yet applied in this particular printer using “External Materials” profiles?
Yes, the warranty is still valid.

10. I was using external materials and the extruder block got clogged. Will the replacement part be covered by the warranty?
If the fault resulted from the manufacturing defect, then the replacement can be covered by the warranty. However, if the fault was caused by the inappropriate materials’ properties, the whole repair will need to be paid for.

11. The printing quality is not satisfactory when using external materials. Can I apply for the warranty for the product?
Printing quality does not constitute the basis for the warranty. The best effects can be achieved only when using original materials recommended by the Manufacturer.

12. Does the list of components excluded from the warranty change once external materials have been introduced?
The list will not be changed.

13. Are the “External Materials” profiles based on the “Zortrax Materials” profiles?
Yes, the “External Materials” profiles are based on the “Zortrax Materials” ones.