CHANGELOG Z-Firmware BETA v0.0.3

We’ve just launched an upgrade of the Z-Firmware for BETA v0.0.3. Check the list of upgrades below and download it here Z-Firmware BETA v0.0.3

  • Detecting when sensor is disconnected from the Build Platform
  • Cooling Fan control
  • Turning off the Cooling Fan when generating raft
  • Checking the .zcode file format correctness before the print
  • Checking if you are using the latest version of the Z-Suite
  • Checking if you are using the latest Z-Firmware
  • Heating up the Build Platform before the printing process to avoid printing on a cold platform
  • Build Platform cooling process begins automatically when the printing process is finished
  • Lowering Build Platform automatically after finishing the printing process
  • Acceleration improvement
  • Other bugs fixed and small improvements