Challenges, upgrades and Zortrax shipping news

The process of production is almost completed. In the previous update we wanted to give you an overview with project roadmap. We were going to start shipping yesterday, but we had to add one day for calibration and printing – hardware quality is one thing, but precision test is the key. Now we’re working almost 24/7 and testing the printers before the shipment. This is the last point: verification of every unit.


Now, Zortrax M200 has a removable, auto-calibrated platform,an  additional cooler fan for PLA and other filaments (you will be able to find out more in the user manual), a WiFi module, an ARM Cortex microcontroler and a lot of small, but really important things. Zortrax M200 is a completely different product now. We’re really happy because of the result, which is much better than we expected at the beginning of the campaign.

We’ve added LED lights as the last upgrade. The color of lighting will be changing with different actions of the printer. Zortrax M200 looks really cool now!


The printers which you can see in the pictures will be shipped as Kickstarter pledges and pre-orders from our online store. Every day is a new challenge for us. We’re going to start during the next week, with a delay, but also with a lot of upgrades, both in hardware and software.


New orders for the printers (from 31 October) will be shipped within 2-6 week lead time.

Z-ABS Filament is available in stock – it will be shipped in next 1-3 days.

If you ordered an additional Z-ABS Filament with the Zortrax M200 3D Printer – we will ship it together, within 2-6 week lead time. If you would like to receive the filament faster (shipping in 1-3 days), please make a separate order for it.