Brilliant! You did it!

We’re back with a bunch of news for you. Right after we ship the first batch of 3D printers to you, we’ll start to work on a 3D printer with soluble support. That may take a while before it’s ready, but we believe in quality and the quality takes time.


We also plan to develop new materials so you can enjoy 3D printing with diverse filaments. Our next step would be developing an application which allows our users to share ready-to-print models. It will be compatible with our Z-Suite software, so you could access it easily.

Another important information is that all the printers ordered via Kickstarter are given a 12 month warranty (more details soon!)

To sum up, we plan to update the following features:

  • The simple way to split too large models to 3D print them divided
  • New materials
  • Cloud based application to share ready-to-print models

We are looking forward to your feedback. If you’d like to share your opinion, please e-mail us at