7 upcoming expert 3D print events you can’t miss in 2017

2017 will see a number of interesting events devoted to 3D printing. Anyone who uses this technology may consider participating in at least some of them. Here’s the list of events you should take a look at first:

3D Printing Electronics Conference

As the name suggests, this event focuses almost solely on 3 dimensional printing. At the 3D Printing Electronics Conference you can find various examples of how the newest manufacturing technologies are used. The event should also be of interest to scientists and members of industry who want to find out how 3D printing might make their everyday work easier and more efficient.

When: 24 January 2017
Where: Eindhoven, The Netherlands

TCT Asia

TCT Asia is one of the world’s leading events devoted to the use of 3 dimensional printing in design, development and manufacture across all business sectors. it’s attended by all the major companies from the 3D printing field. This where you can find out how the technology will develop in basically any branch, from education and fashion all the way to the construction and space flights industries.

When: 8–10 March 2017
Where: Shanghai, China

3D Medical Applications

This event is dedicated to people from the medical field. Such events are crucial due to the fact that 3D printing technology is already having a huge impact in the world of medicine. According to a Transparency Market Research report, in 2019 3D printing in medicine will be worth as much as 965.5 million USD. During 3D Medical Applications you can meet numerous specialists, engineers, physicians and other expert from the medical world who are not afraid of new solutions.

When: 30–31 March 2017
Where: Baltimore, USA

3D Printing Europe

Another large and worthwhile event devoted to 3D printing. Lots of modern equipment, prototypes of devices still unavailable for purchase, lectures, demonstrations and presentations of manufacturing processes. You can see all of these during 3D Printing Europe in Berlin. The event’s reputation and scale make it worth spending two days there.

When: 10–1 May 2017
Where: Berlin, Germany

FabCon 3.D

FabCon 3.D is a part of the German event Rapid.Tech. It deals with general applications of 3D printing throughout most sectors of the economy. It will be interesting not only for people who specialize in 3D printing, but also those who are involved in new technologies at large and want to know more about modern manufacturing processes.

When: 20–22 June 2017
Where: Erfurt, Germany


This event, which is held in Frankfurt, focuses on the newest solutions in the manufacturing technology world. It showcases solutions which support designing, prototyping and mass production of various goods. However, it’s not dedicated just to fans of 3D printing. Formnext also lets you see various examples of combining traditional and modern manufacturing solutions, which in turn gives increased efficiency.

When: 14–17 November 2017
Where: Frankfurt, Germany

Inside 3D Printing

This isn’t just one event, but an entire series of events about 3D printing which let you familiarize yourself with the newest solutions in the field as well as take part in lectures by the leading experts from the world of 3 dimensional printing. The conference takes place throughout the year in various places, which lets fans from all over the world participate.

When: 2–3 February 2017
Where: Düsseldorf, Germany

When: 9–12 February 2017
Where: Istanbul, Turkey

When: 14–15 February 2017
Where: Singapore

When: 14–15 March 2017
Where: New York, USA

When: 9–12 May 2017
Where: Melbourne, Australia

When: 17–18 May 2017
Where: Paris, France

When: 5–6 June 2017
Where: São Paulo, Brasil

When: 28–30 June 2017
Where: Seoul, South Korea

When: 3–6 October 2017
Where: Tokyo, Japan