5 Unique ideas on how to start a small business using 3D printer

3D printers seem to be perfect solution for the innovative business. As 3D printing is quite new technology chance that Your business will succeed and You will a achieve 3D printing profits are huge. What is more interesting at this stage of market development You will probably have not many rivals. Below You will find few 3D printer business ideas.

1. Existing items customization

You probably remember when You were younger and new movies with Your favourite heros were coming to cinemas. You could build cities and vehicles from the movies using available blocks but there were always problems with figures. Now You can design chosen character and print it in seconds.

Team of good model designer and 3D printer operator can make miracles. What is more important you can sell Your products all over the world. What about dinosaurs, ancient animals, etc. Your imagination is the limit. If you have good ideas You can even collect money for Your 3D printing startup in one of most popular crowfunding sites.

2. Designers products

It is really not easy to distinguish Yourself from the others if You don’t have enough money. 3D printing can be perfect solution for Your home decoration. If You join forces with good industrial designer You can offer really unique home products in small series and affordable prices keeping adequate 3D Printing profits at the same time.

Similar 3D Printing startup is jewellery manufacturing. Demand for unique decorations is huge and 3D printing allows easy customisation of existing products and clour changing. Your clients will also know that there is not many copies of the same jewellery.

3. Prototyping

Another example of 3d printer business idea is prototyping. Many designers prefer to focus on designing process and don’t need to buy and operate 3D printer but would like to check their ideas on real models. Offering prototyping services you will probably find many clients who would like to get ride of manufacturing phase. As costs of production are not huge your 3D printing profit margin should be satisfactory.

4. 3D printing farms

If You can afford to invest money in few or few dozens 3D printers You can offer commercial 3D printing services for others. Such company could be similar to traditional print and copy kiosks where you can send your model by the internet, optionally ask for modification, and ten 3D print and receive to your door.

5. 3D scanning

3D scanning is supplementary service to 3D printing. Many people would like to copy shape of favourite objects or living creatures. Favourite animals, friends, cars, boats, etc. If you scan them then you can scale, modify, join with other objects and 3D print it. It’s like a picture but fancier.  Again this kind of 3d printing business idea looks very promising and should provide adequate “3D printing profit”.

The more unique 3D printing solution you will find the bigger the chance You will succeed and start ahead of your potential competition cannibalizing the market . So don’t wait. 3D printing is within your reach. Just try.