3D Printing as a Medium that Helps See Through the Boundaries

Art gives a huge dose of freedom to all those who want to express various feelings or make a comment upon their current state. But what about these who can’t meet their audience because of the limitation imposed by war of significant distance? As we are the company that does its best to streamline the development and we all in smart solutions, we helped to provide the perfect medium for the 21-st century art.

ZORTRAX Art Medium Zortrax M200 3D Printer

Zortrax M200 3D printer in art gallery

Leave the Bad Behind

As we all know, there are many conflicts happening or arising currently in the world. Nowadays, especially North Africa and the Middle East tend to keep the public attention because of the dramatic situation of the people who suffer from the poor living conditions being the result of the unstable political situation. One of the few things that help to give hope and sooth the pain is art, which expresses the voice of the victims in a very unique and moving way. But how to make art cross the boundaries and go above the limitations? The people from Yorkshire Sculpture Park found a clue.

Transferable Skills

Being a host of many art pieces of world famous artists, the museum authorities decided to move towards those who were given very limited possibility to display their works, but deserve the same attention because of their talent and the message they want to give to the world. Knowing lots of artists who deserved showing their pieces to the larger audience, they needed to come up with the right medium to “transfer” their works.

As the whole project made by the museum was named Art by Email and apparently its purpose was to get the works of artists via this particular medium, the recreating of sculptures was still the remaining issue.

Mind the Medium

Obviously, that’s the point where Zortrax comes into play. Thanks to the help of our resellers GoPrint3D the Yorkshire Sculpture Park could use our latest and by far biggest of Zortrax devices – M300. Having been given all the .stl files from the artist Sahand Hesamiyan, they could 3D print the sculpture in front of the eyes of the museum visitors.

ZORTRAX Art Medium Zortrax M200 3D Printer Sculpture

3D printed sculpture


The sculpture of the Iranian artist was the first artwork that was brought to the audience by the use of a 3D printer, but it’s not the only thing that makes it unique. The piece made by Hesamiyan allows for an intense artistic sensation as it makes a fusion of mysticism and Islamic geometry. It also reveals the artist’s tendency to experiment with form.

ZORTRAX Art Medium Concept Art

Concept art

The whole installation includes five spindle-shaped objects, each of them being 30 cm tall. When it comes to the practical aspect of recreating the shape and size of Sahand’s work, we can see in the video that the 3D printer Zortrax M300 did the job perfectly. Thanks to the accuracy and dimensional precision, not to mention the large-sized build plate, the sculptures were a clear resemblance of these designed by Hesamiyan.

Hear their Voice Miles Away

Who would say? A 3D printer as a medium that helps the refugees express their emotions, thoughts and the vision of the world? Yet, we got to know that this is entirely possible when the achievements of technology are used by those driven by great empathy and sensibility. And what is more, thanks to such people we can all hear them speaking through the modern medium.

The exhibition will be displayed in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park on 7th January to 5th March 2017. Apart from the 3D printed sculpture the visitors will be able to see 15 other works chosen for exhibition within the frameworks of Beyond Boundaries: Art by Email Display.