3D Printed Characters of Bostwa Board Game

Three game fans created a world of beliefs and magic, where players fight to gain a powerful artifact – the Luna.


Board games become more and more popular. Enduring popularity of this form of entertainment is widely seen especially on the crowdfounding platforms such as Kickstarter. Because of Kickstarter we have seen some amazing games that have raised millions of dollars in funding, such as Star Citizen and Pillars of Eternity.

The Idea of the Community

But not everyone use crowdfounding to support their ideas. Authors of Bostwa (Deities) decided to find a publisher for their board game on their own. These 3 game fans created a world of beliefs and magic, where players fight for a powerful artifact – the Luna. Now they working on releasing it.

Marek, Karol and Michal, have been working on Bostwa since 2013. Since then, they have improved the game mechanics and the design. Bostwa is a strategic game telling the story of 4 races fighting for a powerful artifact. Players cast spells, they fight and trick, to pick up the Luna and reach the nest.

Authors emphasize that to them games are about the community:

– ”To me, community is the essence. To play a board game, you have to face your opponent. It’s about people” – said Marek Klos.

Marek is interested in emotions, which carry the game. Game designers also think to release the digital version of Bostwa. They are already searching for the publisher.

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Selling the Idea

Before presenting to the publisher, the team decided to improve creature figures. It was crucial to restore the details that characterize each race. Zortrax designers were very excited about the game and decided to help. Figures 3D printed on Zortrax M200 resemble the original idea. Printed characters will be used as prototypes for the final version of the figures. 3D printed models could finally bring the original idea to life.


For more details about the Bostwa, go to Black Cross Studio website (polish).