Rafał Tomasiak, the founder and CEO of Zortrax SA gave a 3D printed mock-up of the Presidential Palace to the President of the Republic of Poland. The mock-up was printed by the flagship products of the Olsztyn-based company – Zortrax M200 and M300.

On the 29th of January 2018, at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw, there was a meeting between the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda and Rafał Tomasiak, CEO of Zortrax SA. During the meeting, the gentlemen discussed the great importance of new technologies in the development of the Polish economy and the competitiveness of domestic companies in the international market. The culminating point of the meeting was the presentation of a 3D printed Presidential Palace mock-up, and the flagship product of the Olsztyn-based company – Zortrax M200 3D printer.

The Palace has been precisely calibrated to a size of 90cm/60cm. The whole process, including designing, modeling in a computer program and 3D printing, was performed by Zortrax designer’s team. The elements were printed in the company headquarters in Olsztyn on Zortrax M200 and Zortrax M300. The model was made after thorough analysis of all available materials, preserving the smallest details. When selecting the material, the obvious choice was Z-PLA Pro, because its structure allows for the most accurate reflection of details and 3D printing of large models without the risk of contraction. In addition, it is a biodegradable material, safe for the environment.

“It is a great honor for us that we could speak with the President about the solutions advocated by Zortrax. We always emphasize that there is enormous potential in Polish companies associated with modern technologies. Poles are a unique nation, full of well-educated and ambitious people. Polish technological thought is able to compete with the world’s largest players and be successful at the same time, and we are a perfect example of it”, said Rafał Tomasiak, CEO of Zortrax SA.

During the meeting, the representatives of Zortrax gave small gifts to the President and the First Lady. Both were designed, modeled and 3D printed by the team of Zortrax specialists. Rafał Tomasiak, the CEO of Zortrax, also invited President Andrzej Duda to Olsztyn, so that he could see how the region famous for its picturesque areas and lakes, is becoming the center of modern technologies, thanks to companies like Zortrax.

This has been yet another Zortrax meeting with President Andrzej Duda. In May 2016, Rafał Tomasiak was honored with a white and red flag, which is given to representatives of institutions, organizations and associations that merit positive promotion of Poland. In November of the same year, during the first 590 Congress in Rzeszów, the Company received the Economic Prize of the President of the Republic of Poland in the Start-UP.PL category.