a BETTER pill.

Having a 3D printer makes the work on the tomorrow’s
solutions easier, faster, and more effective.

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3D printing in

That’s the field where the real satisfaction comes into play. Although we try
to spread our applications over the various business activities we don’t forget
about the really important issues. We offer what’s best from Zortrax 3D printers
to matters, which are the most important for all – the human lives.
We help prepare fast solutions bearing in mind that every minute counts
when it comes to healthcare.


low volume production



3D model

functional testing

MAKE change.

by meeting
the need.

Print prosthesis adjusted to the needs of a specific person and modify it until it fits perfectly.

Rapid prototyping

by eliminating

Make low volume productions in a everyday work, with no need of expanding the budget.

Rapid redesigning

you only need

Order today, unpack and instantly start
improving your products

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