The Real Game-Changer in the Playing Field- Fallout’s Pip-Boy 3D Printed on Zortrax M200

To enter the world of each game and fully embrace the imagined reality created by its authors we need to have lots of imagination. It sometimes takes some effort, but nowadays we are glad to live in the beautiful times where the technology, especially the latest additive one, gives us a helping hand in transferring us to the fascinating world of the digital reality.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed Pip-Boy Fallout

The S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Model

Being one of the unlucky fellows who didn’t manage to buy Fallout 4 limited edition with Pip-boy device included? No problem, as you can get your own, nice looking one having the access to the Zortrax 3D printer and some basic tools for modelers. If you don’t believe that, just take a look at the latest masterpiece made by Svetlana and Beni from Kamuicosplay with the help of Beni’s brother Jakob. They decided to take the matters in their hands and create their own Pip-boy device starting from scratch. The first thing they did was downloading the complete set of .stl files from the ytec3d website and importing them to the Z-SUITE software that is available for all Zortrax users and compatible with most of the modeling programs. After setting the 3D printer and getting the ready models from the build plate, they had the proper basis to start their work of adding the neo-futuristic vibe to their model.

Props from the Pros

The task, that could be problematic for less experienced users was in fact easy as pie for Svetlana Quindt who is a famous cosplayer and props maker. Having a 13-year experience she can call it as her profession as she simply knows how to prepare props that are literally out-of-this-world. Although 3D printing is not the only method she incorporates in her work, she appreciates how the additive manufacturing technology greatly facilitates her work. As she claims, in prop making there is enough space for both methods: handcraft and 3D printng, as this is only a matter what effect you want to achieve. There are obviously characters that belong to the ancient times having their costumes made of materials like wood or metal that were to be processed by craftsmen, so these should preferably have handmade outfits to look most natural and realistic. However, nowadays we have more and more superheroes with advanced armors and fancy shields, and to reconstruct this look, utilizing a 3D printer is simply a must. Happily, there is always another option where you can use both methods almost simultaneously and save time during performing them: “While you can still build pretty much everything with traditional materials there is a certain „charm“ to things looking really perfectly clean. So 3D printing is very awesome for that! Also I can still build other things by hand while my printer is working on something so it’s a win-win situation!”.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed Pip-Boy Fallout 2

The Chosen One

Getting back to the beginning, one thing appeared simple: having the proper experience yearned for a company of a proper tool. The choice seems to be difficult at first, as nowadays we‘ve got lots and lots new 3D printing devices in the market, but after a little research and testing, the couple successfully made a decision to purchase the Zortrax 3D printer. Visiting one of the London 3D printing stores, Svetlana and Beni were given the opportunity to see the devices by themselves and draw proper conclusions: “The Zortrax printer immediately caught our eye as the prints had the best quality of them all. When we’re printing costume parts we want to reduce the amount of work we have to put into making the prints look really clean (…). Having prints in such a high quality really helps here. Also it’s great that the machine basically comes working out of the box so you only have to spend a minimum of maintenance to have a smoothly working machine!”.

Get the Best from the Basics

The printing material the most commonly used by Svetlana is Z-ABS as it is economical and suitable for the basic models. As a cosplay pro, she makes also a good use of the rich palette of the printing materials that are available in the Zortrax offer. Especially Z-GLASS is highly useful for preparing the transparent parts that are to transmit the light of the LEDs inserted beneath. When it comes to the bigger parts, the preferable choice made by Svetlana is Z-ULTRAT, one of the strongest and most resistant materials from the Zortrax offer.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed Pip-Boy Handle

Arm in Arm with the Great Quality

Right after the models were finished, the team started with adding the post-apocalyptic feel to the Pip-boy, as they wanted to make it as close to the famous game prop as possible.  When it comes to the first step of post processing which is usually sanding the surface, Svetlana states, that working with Zortrax M200 is in fact extra easy: “The awesome thing about the Zortrax is that prints really require only a little post-processing to look really awesome. When I print with the finest resolution the layers are barely noticeable anymore and after a little bit of sanding you can already paint most things.” In case of this particular model, most of the post-processing activities boiled down to adding the weathered finish by applying the layers of paint and glue. Especially interesting look was obtained by putting an irregular blobs of glue to make the surface of the model rough and then painting it with some brown paint and swiping it, so the paint was only left on the irregularities creating an effect of rust. Yet another smart idea was to solve some Z-ABS residue in acetone and use this mixture as glue for the 3D printed parts of the model. These are only some of the ideas how you can post-process the models 3D printed on Zortrax M200, however, if you want to use some other techniques, you can find them on our previous blogposts or on Zortrax Support Center.

The Game is On

Asked about the possibilities of the 3D printing, Svetlana answered that as a costume maker she tries to be up to date with the latest technologies that can facilitate her work and help her create professionally looking costumes. Being focused on the quality, the decision to use the latest technology at her work was in fact a natural choice. She also states that: “I see it more as an awesome tool that will help me make things I would not have been able to do otherwise. With 3D printing now I can create lightweight and durable parts in a matter of hours so it’s really great for prototyping. Also with the right post-processing I can get perfectly clean and professional looking parts!”. By saying that Svetlana simply proves, that great results starts with the quality and reliability of our working tool. We are happy that we could provide you with examples of people who, like Svetlana, know how to take advantage of the latest technology not only to improve their work, but also to pursue their passions.

ZORTRAX 3D Printed Pip-Boy Fallout Casing